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       Chester County Storytellers!

: 2018 Membership Form : 

We are having a issue with our web platform. 

If you are unable to print out this page, please e-mail us 

so we can forward you a membership form by e-mail. 

Thank you!


Membership is open to anyone who is in support of our mission.  

Members include creative educators, storytellers, poets, authors, musicians, play writers and story listeners.


Annual Membership Levels

~ Please check where applicable ~


Individual  -  $20________

Youth/ Junior (under 18 or full-time student) - $15_______

Elder (over 60) - $15___  Supporting - $30 ________



Storytelling Name:_________________________________________________________________________




Please check all that applies to your interest / career.

      STORYTELLER/YEARS:__________ ASPIRING:_________SPOKEN WORD/POET:__________ PLAY WRITER:__________


EDUCATOR/SCHOOL: _______________________________  ORAL HISTORIAN/CULTURE:___________________


DANCER/STYLE: _______________________ RESEARCHER/TOPIC:______________________STORY LISTENER:_____

 Members receive updates, your name and description of repertoire on this website, or linked to your personal web page, storytelling information, development and opportunities at our meetings and by e-mail or at Facebook.

 Members benefit from CCS when they contribute to the process. We need your attendance at meetings, your valuable input, your talent, your active interest to grow and to develop as a collective for the good of community.  You will find support in the art of storytelling and guidance on how to represent yourself as a Chester County Storyteller! So come on and take the journey with us!


 Print, send check or m.o. payable to Jodi Jones

Please write Chester County Storytellers in memo.

 Mail to Chester County Storytellers! at the address below. 

~ Thank you ~